Sunday, July 10, 2011

my first blog

Alrighty well, this is my first blog entry ever. A little while ago life was really getting me down, like a lot of other people I know, depression seems like an epidemic these days. Rather than popping some pretty pills to make me happy I decided make a change and drop everything in my life to move to Australia (including the guy I've been with the last 6 years).

I've only been here for a couple days. Even though the plane ride was long and terrible, arriving was great. I met my best friend who I hadn't seen in three years, C. She took me to my new apartment where my met my new roomie R. He seems pretty cool. We hit it off and went out drinking. I have no idea what time I got home but I was completely sloshed.

Day 2 Australia I went shopping with C to try to organize my life. I was supposed to walk to her house which was only 10 minutes away but I got so lost it took over an hour to find. All day I couldn't help but thinking that I'm not a city girl and I'm so lost and don't know how to use public transport and don't have enough money to set my life up here and wtf am I doing? Throwing away everything on a whim for somewhere I know nothing about?

Day 3 I did a lot more shopping, and even some exploring on my own. I then navigated my way through the city to a lounge on the water to meet R for drinks. It was great meeting some more people and having a nice time. It was such a gong show night. Rode the ferris wheel, rolled down a hill, cuddled with a drug dealer, went to many different bars, then took my trashed roomie home. Then I got a lovely invitation to go back to one of the bars that had shut down to hang with the bartender/owner. He was pretty damn hot...I wanted so badly to fuck him but I didn't, I don't know why. He tried relentlessly for hours but I just couldnt go for it. Too bad I don't understand myself!

Day 4 R drove me to the beach so I could go swimming in the ocean. Too bad its winter here.... not that that stopped me but it was bloody cold and I got a lot of strange looks. But it was so much fun! After spending the day trying to warm up I went and hung out with a couple of my new friends from Friday night. They cooked me an amazing supper, fed me a bottle of wine, and I passed out on the couch only to wake up extremely sore. Which wasn't too unfortunate cuz I got the best back massage of my life this morning! Then met a few new people and went to an AFL game in absolute pissing rain.

So, this guy that took me and cooked me supper, I've now seen him 3 outta the 5 days I've been here. He's damn fine, and I know he thinks the same of me. But once again I rejected the offer to get naked. It's the first time I've been single since I was 17, I'm horny as hell...why aren't I going for this? Before I woulda jumped on the chance! I heard stories from other people what a womanizer he is, which noone needed to tell me its pretty obvious. But he was SO hands-off. So why didn't I jump his bones? I don't know... maybe I need to have a lil chat with C but im actually kinda nervous to tell her this stuff.

hmm....anyways, so i have a few goals for myself here.
1. get in shape!
2. do one new thing every single day.
3. push myself to the limits
4. meet 1000 new people (maybe I should start keeping track? and define what counts as "meeting"...another day)

thats it...for now. i need sleep to wake up early and perform amazing on my interview tomorrow...if i can find it :S